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AM Report For Robin Verduijn

AM Report for Robin Verduijn
Applicant Information:

Name: Robin Verduijn
Current Email: robin.verduijn@riversoft.com
Preferred Debian Account Name: robin@debian.org to be forwarded to
Subscription Email to -private: robin@debian.org

Summary: I am happy to recommend the acceptance of Robin Verduijn as
a Debian Maintainer.

Robin provided the following GPG key (attached):

pub  1024D/6A6CAEB5 2000-10-07 Robin Verduijn <robin.verduijn@riversoft.com>
sig        6A6CAEB5 2000-10-07  Robin Verduijn <robin.verduijn@riversoft.com>
sig        97AA33D6 2000-10-11  Dima Barsky <dima@debian.org>
sub  2048g/9DCE306F 2000-10-07
sig        6A6CAEB5 2000-10-07  Robin Verduijn <robin.verduijn@riversoft.com>

It is signed by Dima Barsky, whose fingerprint matches what is held in

Identification Check Passed

Policy and Procedures

Robin and I discussed the Social Contract and the DFSG. He
demonstrated to me that he understands the principles and extent of
these documents, and that he is aware of the responsibilities of a
debian maintainer. He also explicitly agreed to abide by the DMUP. He
also answered some questions on copyrights and licenses to my

Policy and Procedures Check Passed

Tasks and Skills

Robin has already debianized kvirc - a graphical IRC client that uses
the QT toolkit. I looked the package over. It initially had many
lintian errors, which Robin subsequently fixed upon being pointed out.
He has read through the documents covering the Debian BTS.  All in
all, I think Robin shows the skills necessary to be a debian developer
and will make a good addition to the debian developer community.

Tasks and Skills passed

Gopal Narayanan <gopal@debian.org> <gopal@astro.umass.edu>
Debian GNU/Linux Developer
Dept. of Astronomy, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

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