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Re: [RFC] Making NM 'by recommendation'

>> Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com> writes:

 > My proposal is this: You can no longer apply to become a Debian
 > developer yourself, but instead you need an existing Debian developer
 > to recommend you.  Nothing in the NM system changes except of the
 > application itself.  The developer who recommends another person as a
 > NM is not responsible for him or has to go through the NM process with
 > him (the latter will still be done by an AM) -- so this recommendation
 > is no report to the DAM, but simply the entry ticket to the NM
 > process.

 Even with the little experience I've had as AM, I agree with Martin on
 this and I think this would things easier for everyone.  Recently I've
 had a NM that's isn't sure what he wants to do in Debian.  He wants to
 do "something".  With Martin's proposal these people would be forced to
 figure out what this "something" is before applying.  This would also
 force NMs to actually go thru the relevant documentation beforehand.


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