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AM report for Martin Waitz

Summary for Martin Waitz <tali@rommelwood.de>


Martin has a key signed by Debian developer Roman Hodek


Martin has a thorough knowledge about the goals of Debian and Free
Software. He explained correctly why mpg123 is in non-free.


Martin has already two packages in Debian: xmms-crossfade, sponsored
by Josip Rodin <joy@debian.org>, and libsnmp-perl, sponsored by Tony
Mancill <tmancil@debian.org>, so he knows about policy, upload
procedures etc.

Tasks & Skills

I've checked xmms-crossfade, and it was fine. (I don't understand what
libsnmp-perl is about, so I couldn't check it :) I've also sponsored
vbackup, a simple backup program, of which he is also the upstream
maintainer. It had no problems, too.

In addition to these package, Martin is interested in improving the
Debian infrastructure to handle signed packages.

I recommend that Martin be accepted as a Debian maintainer.


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