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AM report for Ingo Saitz

Report for new developer applicant: Ingo Saitz 

Summary: I recommend the acceptance of Ingo as a Debian Maintainer.

2. Identification

At the moment Ingo is in a situation in which he cannot get another Debian
developer to sign his key (anyway he'll do it later). However, he told me that
Michael Tiedge, a student in Hannover University (http://www.stud-uni-hannover.de)
can recognise him with photo ID.
I therefore mailed Ingo's scanned photo ID to Michael for confirmation that this
is indeed Ingo.
He replied indicating that he does recognize that as being Ingo.  This
therefore satisfies condition 2 of step 2.

3. Philosophy and Procedures

Ingo demonstrated a clear understanding of the Social Contract and
the Debian Free Software Guidelines. 

He has read the main procedural information such as policy and the
packaging manual, and appears to have a good understanding of them.

4. Tasks and Skills

From his own words:
"I like debian and want to help it growing.  I study mathematics
and informatics in Hannover. I also have some experience in
system administration. I mainly use C, TeX, Perl and have some
knowlegde of other programming languages. So my skills are more
on the technical side.

I like to help testing new features in debian (like I currently
do with apt 0.4). I also already have packaged some small
packages for debian and recently have filed an ITP for songprint,
see bug #71714. Oh, yes, and "of course" I'm running woody on my
desktop system."

I checked the package and it's good.

Davide Puricelli, evo@windnet.it | apurice@tin.it
Debian Developer: evo@debian.org | http://www.debian.org
PGP key:  finger evo@debian.org
UIN: 2885982

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