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AM report for Jon Middleton


I recommend Jon Middleton to be accepted as a Debian Developper.


His gpg key is signed by Mark Brown:

pub  1024D/21C06598 1999-11-05 Jon Middleton <jjm@ixtab.org.uk>
sig        5C6153AD 2000-12-08  Mark Brown <broonie@tardis.ed.ac.uk>

Philosophy & Procedures

Jon agrees with the DFSG and the procedures. He answered all my
questions correctly and demonstrated a very good understanding of
our rules. He read the online documentation for the BTS, packaging
manual and demonstrated a great interest.

Tasks & Skills

Jon is joining Debian as a packager. He maintains two simple perl
libraries so far (which he initially packaged for his RL job). Both 
of them (libfile-temp-perl and libnetserver-generic-perl) are in
unstable, sponsored by Mark Brown). His packages are clean and well done
and he demonstrated to me he understood the key points of his task
as a maintainer.


I recommend that Jon be accepted as a Debian maintainer.


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