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Re: recommends approval of "J?rgen H?gg <jorgen.hagg@axis.com>"

On Tue, 16 Jan 2001, Susan G. Kleinmann wrote:

> The procedure being advocated in this thread (and AFAICT consistent with
> the published policy for NM) seems to permit that third parties can verify 
> that a specified picture is that of a specified person).  This seems at 
> odds with the thread re/from Karl Hegbloom in December's debian-devel.  

New Maintainer ID policy and gpg key signing protocols are different
practices. NM is looking for a way to connect a person with their e-mail
self. As the new maintainer archives will attest, the discussion found
this solution to lack the rigor required by key signing, but just barely
satisfactory for accepting new maintainers.

<example text removed>

> Even if Jorgen Hagg were to have his photo independently identified as him 
> by some 3rd party, what's the difference between that process and the 
> process that suggested by Karl Hegbloom but rejected on debian-devel?
> Since I now have an NM applicant in _exactly_ the same position (lives in
> India) I'd like to understand these distinctions.

Keysigning requires face to face contact. The New Maintainer process must
make identification without that face to face contact, hense our less
rigorous conditions. (Keysigning by a current developer obviously provides
face to face contact, making this other step unnecessary.)

Also note that the AM is given latitude here. If there seems to be more
needed, and you can come up with something, then by all means let us know
about it, and use it with your applicant.


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