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AM report for Siggi Langauf

Summary for Siggy Langauf <debian@langauf.de>


I met Siggi in real life, verified his identity and signed his key:

pub  1024D/7971EF0F 2000-11-11 Siggi Langauf <siggi@users.sourceforge.net>
uid                            Siggi Langauf <debian@langauf.de>
sig        66468D05 2000-12-18 Marcelo E. Magallon <mmagallo@debian.org>

Philosophy & Procedures

I have talked with Siggi about this, and he has a clear understanding of
the Project's philosophy and goals.  He has also a good understanding of
license issues, and he has been able to explain clearly to me the issues
surrounding the various MPEG codecs, as well as all the licensing
issues and problematic arround DVDs and related technology, which is a
central part to the project he's involved in (xine).  He also
understands how the bug tracking system works and has experience with
project management on several levels.  He's very eager to become part of
Debian and contribute to it.

Tasks & Skills

He is one of the upstream authors of Xine (http://xine.sourceforge.net/)
and has already debianized it (debianization scripts are included in
Xine's upstream distribution).  The initial debianization was done using
debstd, I told him such thing could/would be frowned upon and he prompty
switched to a debhelper-based debianization (he also offered to do it
using the bare metal but I told him debhelper would be enough ;-) He
also has experience with Debian at the admin level.


I recommend the acceptance of Siggi as a Debian Maintainer.  While most
of the discussions have taken place in real life (and in German for that
matter), the report to the DAM and Front Desk includes copies of the
mail we exchanged for the DAM and Front Desk to read.


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