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AM report for Andrew Stribblehill


I recommend Andrew Stribblehill <a.d.stribblehill@durham.ac.uk> for
approval as a Debian developer.


Andrew's GPG is signed by Andrew Gray <ajpg@debian.org> (twice!)

Philosophy and Procedures

Andrew showed a clear understanding of the DFSG and Social Contract,
as well as the issues surrounding non-free.  He answered, in detail,
the standard questions about TeX, non-free, and the Debian-specific

Tasks and Skills

Andrew has packaged hitop, which was sponsor-uploaded by Mike Markley
<mike@markley.org>.  He also has an ITP for TCT at
http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-0008/msg00894.html.  He is very
interested in helping the boot-floppies team, particularly looking
towards an automated installation.

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