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AM report for Klaus Reimer

Summary for Klaus Reimer <k@ailis.de>


There was no Debian developer close to Klaus, so I accepted his
scanned ID card.

Philosophy & Procedures

Klaus passed P&P without any problems.  He pointed out the problem
with Pine's and mpg123's license, gave a summary of the DFSG and the
SC, and knew about lintian, the Debian mailing lists, the BTS and

Tasks & Skills

Klaus has developed some libraries (strutilsxx, sqlxx, ftpxx, etc)
and some utilities (swigphp, some stuff for Bernsteins daemontools)
and wants to include those packages in Debian.  He successfully
packaged strutilsxx and sqlxx for the skills test -- the packages
are lintian clean and well done.


I recommend that Klaus be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Martin Michlmayr

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