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AM report for Randall Donald

Summary for Randall Donald <randy@khensu.org>


Randall's GPG key is signed by Debian developer Ryan Murray.

pub  1024D/6C27DEAB 2000-03-09 Randall Donald <rdonald@stormix.com>
sig        60ED3D6D 2000-03-15  Ryan Murray (Stormix) <rmurray@stormix.com>

Philosophy & Procedures

Randy summarized the SC and the DFSG in great detail, thereby showing
his understanding of these important documents.  He also explained
free beer software to me and gave me some good examples.  He is
already subscribed to some Debian mailing lists, knows about the
BTS and NMUs.

Tasks & Skills

I checked two packages.  One was a Stormix package entirely done by
Randall -- but it won't go in Debian since it depends on some
Stormix stuff.  The other one was done by someone else, but Randy
recently took over the maintainership (upstream and Debian), made
some changes and intends to upload it to Debian.  The second package,
gtksu, installed the full GPL (a lintian warning) and broke at a
strange place because I didn't have one of the packages listed in
Build-Depends installed (actually, this is no error, but I suggested
that the build should show clearer why it failed).  Randy has fixed
those issues in the meantime.


I recommend that Randy be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Martin Michlmayr

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