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AM report for J. Scott Jaderholm

Summary for J. Scott Jaderholm <lispbliss@sage.cortland.com>


There was no Debian developer close to Scott, so I accepted a
photo ID.

Philosophy & Procedures

Scott summarized the philosophy behind Debian and its Social Contract
and agrees with the SC and the DFSG.  He answered all my questions
correctly, and knows about Debian's procedures.

Tasks & Skills

Scott packaged 'xgospel'.  The upstream code didn't include a license,
but Scott has already contacted the upstream maintainer to get this
straightened out.  One binary didn't have a man page and the debian/menu
file listed a section which doesn't exist.  Also, quite a few build
dependencies were missing from debian/control, but I told Scott about
this (and explained how to make a chroot environment), so this will
get fixed.


I recommend that Scott be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Martin Michlmayr

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