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AM report for Ove Kåven

Summary for Ove Kåven <ovek@arcticnet.no>


Ove's GPG key is signed by Debian developer Ole Tetlie.

pub  1024D/83E5110F 2000-10-25 Ove Kåven <ovek@arcticnet.no>
sig        8289760A 2000-11-03  Ole J. Tetlie <olet@debian.org>

Philosophy & Procedures

Ove summarized Debian's philosopy and free software very well and
(quite obviously) believes in them.  He answered all my questions

Tasks & Skills

Ove is the current maintainer of Wine, sponsored by Andrew Lenharth.
His package is well done and can be found in unstable already.


I recommend that Ove be accepted as a Debian maintainer.

Martin Michlmayr

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