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Details for taking a break

The leaderboard, in conjunction with the max-applicants value, has allowed
me to make asyncronous assignments without contacting AMs beforehand. 
However, some AMs have been setting their max-applicants to zero before
they have completed their assigned applicants. Under these condiditions
the AM must contact the FD if those remaining applicants are not going to
be processed, so that I can re-assign them to another, active, AM.

It really isn't possible to me to do this in any kind of arbitrary way
without confusing the applicant. If you are going on a break, it is your
responsibility to contact your remaining applicants, indicating that you
can no longer manager their application and informing them that they will
shortly be assigned a new AM.

We are obviously doing very well at the overall process, as I now have the
time to worry about these details. There is currently a defacto race going
on between Craig (csmall) and Martin (tbm) to see who can process the most
applications. Martin got started later than Craig, but is banging out the
applicants at a pretty good clip and may shortly take the lead. Several
others are close behind. If you want to speed up your processing of
applications, you might contact these "high producers" for some tips on
how they manage their applicants.

We are currently holding the waiting line at a pretty fixed size right
now. Although that is good news, we must keep up the momentum if we are
not going to start loosing ground again. We still have a trickle of
interest in becoming AMs, so the manpower issues seem to be managing
themselves pretty well. We just need to keep our eyes on the target and
keep slogging.

Thanks to all of you for your contributions to this effort. 


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