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AM Report for Steve Dobson

Final Report for Steve Dobson <sdobson@allstor-sw.com>

[ Yes, this was CC'd to all interested parties, since there
[ is no personal info/photo ID attatched. Develpoer signature. :^)

Please note that Steve has changed email addresses several times
since applying to Debian. Addresses he has used are:

     Steve Dobson <sdobson@allstor-sw.com> (Applied with this one.)
     Steve Dobson <steve.dobson@krasnegar.demon.co.uk>
     Steve Dobson <steve@dobson.org> (His current address.)

Steve has completed the new-maintainer checklist to my satisfaction.
I recommend that he be accepted as a Debian developer.

      First name: Steve
       Last name: Dobson
  Current e-mail: <steve@dobson.org>
  Desired e-mail: <dobbo@debian.org>, forwarded to <steve@dobson.org>
Subscriptions to: <dobbo@debian.org>

GPG Key:

   The GPG public key Steve provided is attatched to this report,
   and bears the following ID and Fingerprint:

   pub  1024D/443AEA81 2000-06-19 Steve Dobson (Dobbo)
   Fingerprint: A220 3448 3A7D 1B9E D5BC  983D BBB1 CEC3 443A EA81

   The key bears these signatures by Developers:

   sig! 88C7C1F7 2000-09-28   Steve McIntyre <93sam@debian.org>


   Steve's key was signed by Steve McIntyre, a Developer. His
   identity is properly established.

Philosophy and Procedures

  Steve had the following to say WRT to his understanding and agreement
  with the DSC and DFSG. I found it a bit formal, but quite sufficient:

   =====> BEGIN INCLUDED TEXT <=====  [Formatted; Content verbatim.]

   This is my statement of agreement of the DSC and DFSG. I have read
   and understood the file `/usr/doc/debian/social-contract.txt'
   dated Dec 18th, 1998. 

   I am willing to provide the time I spend working on Debian, either in
   maintaining one or more of it's packages, or of supporting Debian in
   other ways (for example manning a stand at a show), at no change to the
   Debian Project.  I do, however, reserve the right to receive funding 
   from other sources for any work that I undertake that I might also
   submit to Debian. 

   Any software development I carry out for Debian I will release back
   to Debian and the Free Software Community, for distribution as they
   see fit. I will also, where appropriate, feed any changes to existing  
   software upstream to the authors for them to include in the original 
   work if they see fit.

   Any work that I do on behave of Debian I will allow to be distributed
   under the terms of an appropriate license.

  =====> END INCLUDED TEXT <=====

Tasks and Skills

   The task Steve is volunteering for is package maintenence.

   Steve has two lintian-clean packages ready to upload. These packages
   can be fetched from <ftp://danno.tzo.com/people/danno/NM/steve> if
   anyone wants to examine them.

Evaluation and Check-in

   Steve first learned to package for Debian with the packages
   that are availabe at the URL above. One will notice that he
   chose to learn packaging by building a shared lib and a -dev
   package. He chose a non-trivial package to learn on, and did
   fairly well, as an examination of his packages shows. :^)

   He also understands and agrees with the DSC. I cannot make
   any judgement as to whether that agreement is personal or
   professional in nature, but he will abide by the DSC either
   way. This satisfies me WRT to his philosophy.

   For P&P, I am satisfied that he understands some of our policies and
   proceedures, and knows where to find the ones he doesn't. While he was
   learning to package, he asked me a number of questions WRT policy.
   [Lintian warnings/errors arising from policy violations.] I only gave
   him "bare-bones" explanations, and pointed him to the relevant Debian
   documentation. He found his own answers/solutions in the manuals, and
   produced a lintian-clean package. He will do well on any packages he
   builds in the future :^)

   Once he gets on board, and gets some experience, he will make an
   excellent contributor to the Project. :^)

/ Clay Crouch, UNIX Weenie ;^>    | <danno@danno.tzo.com>           \
| Debian Package Maintainer       | <danno@debian.org>              |
| 1024D/7D2AD631: 2319 2356 FEDF 4631 63F3 762A E443 1C2A 7D2A D631 |
|  "Some [people] are always trying to ice skate uphill." -- Blade  |

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