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AM Report for Anton Gyllenberg

1. Identification:

GPG Key:

pub  1024D/DE9E86DA  created: 1999-04-29 expires: never
sub  1024g/0CF0A371  created: 1999-04-29 expires: never     

His key has not been signed by a current Debian Developper. Anton has
provided a scanned copy of his driving license. 

2. Philosophy and procedures.

Anton has showed a clear understanding of Social Contract and the DFSG.
He has successfully answered some questions concerning DFSG compliant
licenses and non-free licenses.

3. Tasks skills

Anton has already packaged some tools and worked on a debhelper like
tools for his company. I've checked one of his packages and it was good.
He has used the BTS as a user and have carefully read the developpers


Anton has showed that he has good skills and a clear understanding of
our philosophy, so I deeply recommend his integration into the project

Guillaume Morin <guillaume.morin@alcove.fr>

                       Alcôve - L'informatique est libre

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