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AM Final Report on Shane Wegner

AM's Final Report for Shane Wegner <shane@cm.nu>
Shane has completed the new-maintainer checklist to my
satisfaction.  I recommend that he be accepted as a Debian developer.
         First name: Shane
          Last name: Wegner
     Current e-mail: <shane@cm.nu>
     Desired e-mail: <shane@debian.org>, forwarded to <shane@cm.nu>
Chris has provided a following gpg public key.

pub  1024D/FFE3035D 2000-09-08 Shane Wegner <shane@cm.nu>
Key fingerprint = A0ED DAC4 77EC D674 5487  5B5C 4F89 9A4E FFE3 035D
uid  Shane Wegner <shane@wapvi.bc.ca>
sub  3072g/C16AE0FB 2000-09-08
His gpg public key is attatched to this report.
He also provided a photo ID, signed by his GPG key.
It is attatched to this report as well.
Philosophy and Procedures
WRT to Debian Policy/Philosophy, Shane states the following:
| In accordence with the Debian new maintainer policy,
| I agree to follow the guidelines set out by the Debian
| Social Contract, and the Debian Free Software Guidelines
| while working on the project.
He has published software licensed under the GPL.
Tasks and Skills
Shane has several packages ready to upload. Of all of them,
only one was _not_ lintian clean. However, the warnings
lintian produced were in regards to debhelper tokens being
missing from the maintainer scripts. He has since corrected
these warnings. Otherwise, his packages built cleanly on
my Woody system.
He wants to be a package maintainer, and has the skill to do so.
Evaluation and Check-in
I recommend that Shane be admitted to the Project as a Developer.
Regarding e-mail arrangements, please setup the following:
   <shane@debian.org> forwarded to <shane@cm.nu>
   with a debian-private subscription for <shane@cm.nu>
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| Debian Package Maintainer        | <danno@debian.org>              |
|    "Away put your weapon; I mean you no harm." -- Master Yoda      |
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