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Re: Identification step in the current scheme

C.M. Connelly wrote:
> ...
> passport, and then sign my key.  I was *not* under the impression
> that a permanent copy of my signed passport image would be stored
> by Debian on a long-term basis, and I don't approve of such a plan.  

I blanked out much of the info on my digitized driver's license.
I got approved so I guess that's ok.  Only the image is required,
signed with your GPG key.

The image requirement was debated on several lists over several
months.  It looks like nobody wants to play anymore.  The idea
is the image can be used to see if a developer who signed your
key recognizes your face.  Many people say that the developer
sig on your key should be enough but the image is required for

> that photograph to come from some official piece of ID.  Identity
> theft aside, ID photos are almost universally horrible....

Yeah.  I look like a crazed lunatic on my DL.

I only have a developer sig on my PGP key and my GPG key signed
with my PGP key.  I'm feeling a little vulnerable.  If any
developer or NMQer in the Vancouver area wants to do a key
signing email me please.


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