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Proposed multimedia team migration to salsa.d.o


As you've probably seen, the Debian Gitlab instance salsa.debian.org is
up and running (in beta). Since alioth.debian.org is deprecated and
might be disabled soon, we need to migrate things over to salsa.

This is what I propose. I posted it on IRC, but for more discussion I'm
posting it to the mailing lists now.

salsa.debian.org team
A group on salsa.debian.org has been created here:

Existing members of the alioth team have not been migrated over which
should help prune inactive members. Anyone who was a member of the
alioth team can click the "Request Access" button and an someone will
approve you.

Usually, team members who are DDs are given "Owner" permissions in the
group and other members are given "Master" permissions.

When creating a new project:
* The project name should be the same as the source package name.
* "Issues" should be disabled (use the BTS instead).
* A commit notification hooks should be setup (see below).

New Vcs-* URLs:

Vcs-Git: https://salsa.debian.org/multimedia-team/package.git
Vcs-Browser: https://salsa.debian.org/multimedia-team/package


New maintainer address
There is not going to be a replacement for alioth mailing lists, so we
are going to switch back to using "debian-multimedia@lists.debian.org"
as the mailing list used in the Maintainer field of all packages.


Commit notifications
The commit mailing list is also on alioth and will soon be disabled.
This is replaced by the "Emails on push" integration on salsa which
sends emails to tracker.debian.org which you can subscribe to. This
needs to be enabled manually per project.

See: https://wiki.debian.org/Salsa/Doc#Email_notifications

IRC notifications can be enabled using Irker. Again this needs to be
enabled manually per project.

See: https://wiki.debian.org/Salsa/Doc#IRC_notifications

Enabling these should probably be automated and checked using the GitLab
API because inevitably someone will forget to enable it in a repository.

Eg for "Emails on push":

curl -X PUT -H "Private-Token: $GITLAB_API_PRIVATE_TOKEN" -F

Migration of the maintainer email address can start immediately. New
packages can also immediately start hosting their VCS on salsa.debian.org.

For existing packages, I propose:
- Wait until salsa.debian.org is declared stable (expected at the end of
- Announce to the lists before migration starts
- Set all repositories on alioth read-only (eg using a git pre-receive hook)
- Migrate everything to salsa using Christoph Berg's import script:

At this point we should attempt to upload all packages at least once
before the mailing list on alioth is disabled. Unfortunately this is a
lot of work, so I am quietly hoping there will be an alternative
solution for this so we don't loose bug reports sent to the old
maintainer address.


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