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Re: Sound on multi-user system

On Thursday 13 January 2011 22:26:38 Yann Dirson wrote:
> Then it would be quite painful to fix all those apps to behave
> properly - although we could want to set this as a release goal for
> squeeze+1.  An easier solution, since daemons like jackd see to be in
> widespread use, to just make them behave properly and release the alsa
> device when they have no use for it (maybe after some timeout).  As
> long as all clients first try to connect to jackd before trying to
> open the alsa device directly, it looks like that would work as expected.

If it's just sound you want to have try mpd aka music player daemon. I just 
tried it out, and the daemon releases the alsa device as soon as it stops.
It can be remotely controlled, has user/password for controlling it, and is in 
my opinion one of the best solutions for audio playback on linux.

Second, I can understand your problem, and I think it would be a good idea to 
join #ardour once and talk to the people in there (Paul Davis the Ardour 
developer is also responsible for the Jackd). I think this would only work if 
no client is connected to jackd with outputs.

> How does that sound ?
Your problem sounds for me to be very specific, because most of the people 
won't use one soundcard for several users. But actually I don't see any 
particularly reason why the device should be blocked and not released if there 
is no playback. But possible that a solution for this problem is quite hard to 

> Best regards,

Kind regards,

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