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Re: Ardour still not present in testing

On Sun, 2008-06-01 at 18:43 +1000, Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:
> Anand Kumria wrote:
> > That is certainly possible. Where are the patches? Any reason that
> > Erik can not incorporate them back upstream?
> I still haven't had it confirmed, but I believe that my current
> development sources contain the fix the Ardoru people required.
> > Erik do you want Debian to push out 1.0.18pre5 and see what breaks?
> I've just released 1.0.18pre22:
>         http://www.mega-nerd.com/tmp/libsndfile-1.0.18pre22.tar.gz

any idea on when 1.0.18 might be released? I will probably remove
libsndfile from ardour's 3.0 (unreleased) branch source tonight, and
require developers to use your pre23 release. we could do the same in
the 2.0 (released) branch as soon as 1.0.18 is out.


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