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Re: how to replace jackd?


[Fri, 02 Jun 2006] Dragan Noveski wrote:
> hi,
> i am running debian-etch/demudi-testing and my machine should only 
> working good audio, thats the only reason i am having it. in these 
> ressort there is lot of developement in the moment, you now.
> now developers of jackd offering new version in svn, asking users to 
> install and test it, what i really would like to do.
> the only problem is, that jackd will not work, if there are two 
> installations of it on one machine. if i remove the current version, i 
> have to reinstall mor ethan 100 packages/appis, so for this action i 
> really dont have time, sorry.
> there was a response on tha jack list, where a guy using gentoo, wrote 
> following things:
> #Gentoo has a feature called 'package.provided' which tells the package
> #installer that a certain package is being provided outside of its
> #database and it should assume that there is no need to install it
> #through the normal features. For this work I uninstalled the current
> #version of Jack,  added jack-audio-connection-kit-0.102.7 to
> #package.provided, installed Jack from CVS, and everyone is happy.
> is there some kind of simular way to handle this in debian?

equivs (apt-get install equivs; man equivs-control) does something similar. 
It lets you easily generate fine-tuned dummy
packages for jackd and libjack. If you want to use equivs and your own
jack installation, you have to make sure you are using (./configure ...) 
the same paths and names for the library and jackd as the debian
packages do (applications compiled against the Debian libjack rely on
those names and paths).

> there is also a way to have two installations working, but for that, one 
> must understand how to use the LD_LIBRARY_PATH, something about creating 
> the sandbox, in which only one version exists?
> do you have some idea what to do whith this or where to read more about?

I can imagine how you could do that easier: have different names for
the two jackds, the two libjacks and the plugins directories and put
symlinks inplace. You could also do it with LD_LIBRARY_PATH. YMMV with
both solutions.

> anyway, i did not know where to ask, and your adress was given as 
> someone who is carrying about jackd package.

You can always ask me or the guys at debian-multimedia (CCed).


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