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annoyances with sound/video in Debian.

I've discussed this with Herman Robak in Hacklab2 today:


What is expected from group audio ?

local users would always want audio access from /dev/dsp.

However, you don't want to give realtime scheduling by default.


/dev/raw1394 is owned by disks group.

Can be disk or video.

Can udev change group on-the-fly ?

KERNEL=="raw1394",                              GROUP="disk"


artsd / esd grabbing /dev/dsp is annoying ! 

Can we use artsd / esd over libjacksyn / jack plugin for ALSA ?

If we can, it might be a good idea to document.
It would be less destructive.


1394 / DV / v4l / v4l2 needs consolidation!

Multiple video source mixing is prohibitively expensive.

encoding/decoding is bad, especially when it's lossy.


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