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Re: Debian policy on multimedia ?

On Saturday 28 January 2006 16:54, Herman Robak was like:
> On Sat, 28 Jan 2006 15:40:22 +0100, tim hall <tech@glastonburymusic.org.uk> 
> > On Saturday 28 January 2006 12:47, Herman Robak was like:
> >>   I made a wishlist wiki page for audio and video on Linux
> >> a while ago, after I had exchanged some laments with other
> >> attendants at Piksel5 in Bergen.
> >>
> >> <http://wiki.debian.org/LinuxAudioVideoWishlist>
> >
> > Great, this looks like a good place to start.
>    Please consider assimilating the #openvideo channel on
> Freenode for this topic.  It was started with a motivation
> pretty close to ours.

Please explain 'assimilate' in this context.

From the channel name it sounds like it only covers video.
There is also #demudi - concerned with the Debian Multimedia Distribution 
(&active) and #fave which was set up for organising a freesoftware audio 
visual event in the UK last year (sleeping). If we find we have a lot of 
business and enthusiastic IRCers it might be worth setting up a dedicated 
channel, but right now there doesn't really seem to be the need. Certainly 
all groups using Debian for multimedia work should be consulted. I guess this 
is your meaning.

A wiki could be useful for the more persistent kind of conversation needed to 
pull the Debian Multimedia Policy together

tim hall

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