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Re: ftp.bg.d.o mirror

On 13/04/2021 11:15, Julien Cristau wrote:

Hi Julien,

Thanks for your feedback.

May I ask that you adjust the mirror name (typically in ftpsync.conf),


   Maybe change your config to sync from
   the site currently backing the ftp.<CC>.debian.org service you sync


o The tracefile
   suggests that the ftpsync version you are using is very old.  Please upgrade.

   Using a modern ftpsync ensures updates are done in the correct order
   so apt clients don't get confused.   In particular, it processes
   translations, contents, and more files that have been added to the
   archive in recent years in the correct stage.  It also should produce
   trace files that contain more information that is useful for us and helps
   downstream mirrors sync better.

Done, I guess we should wait for the next push.

o The nameservers for debian.mobiltel.bg are all in the same /24 network.  For
   reliability we recommend having nameservers in more than one location.

This is a bit tricky. While I totally agree with your policy, the NS topology (for a1.bg) is not under my control, and network admins assure me, that AS8717 is well connected[1] and this should not be a problem.

1. https://bgp.he.net/AS8717

Best regards,

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