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new IP for ftp.ir.debian.org


Dear Debian mirror staff,
We have change the IP of debian.asis.ai mirror, which has the same IP of
ftp.ir.debian.org, so please change the IP of ftp.ir.debian.org to or simply set an alias CNAME record for it to debian.asis.ai.

Very thanks

On 9/22/20 8:33 PM, factoreal wrote:
> Hi again,
> Dear Debian Mirror,
> Please redirect of the ftp.ir.debian.org.
> Regards
> _factoreal
> On 9/16/20 2:22 PM, factoreal@asis.sh wrote:
>> Hello,
>> We have some trouble in our infrastructure, please redirect the traffic
>> of ftp.ir.debian.org.
>> Regards
>> _factoreal from ASIS

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