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Re: rsync service on security.debian.org discontinued (use rsync.security.d.o instead)

Hi Julien,

We are sorry about the delay - will proceed with fixing the issue within a couple of days.

Kind regards,


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Od: Julien Cristau <jcristau@debian.org>
Poslano: torek, 24. marec 2020 08:27:21
Za: debian-mirrors-announce@lists.debian.org
Kp: debian-security@lists.debian.org
Zadeva: rsync service on security.debian.org discontinued (use rsync.security.d.o instead)
Hi all,

As a reminder, in November[0] I wrote:

> For a long time, the Debian security mirrors have served the security
> archive via both HTTP and rsync.  As part of improving the reliability
> of security.debian.org for our users, the Debian mirrors team is going
> to separate those services to different host names:
> - http://security.debian.org/debian-security/ will remain the entry
>   point for HTTP clients such as apt
> - rsync://rsync.security.debian.org/debian-security/ is now
>   available for users and organizations who wish to mirror the entire
>   security archive.  (Though as noted at
>   https://www.debian.org/mirror/ftpmirror#what we do *not* recommend
>   doing this.)
> rsync service on security.debian.org will stop in the near future (some
> time after the end of this month), and we encourage anyone relying on it
> to migrate to the new host name as soon as possible.

That has now happened.  security.debian.org no longer accepts
connections using rsync, so for continued mirroring of the security
archive you need to update your configuration to the new name.

[0]: https://lists.debian.org/debian-mirrors-announce/2019/11/msg00000.html

Julien, for the Debian mirrors team

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