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Re: debian8 preseed installation not working

On 29.03.19 12:31, Adrian Tabatabai wrote:
right now i am not able to install debian8 via pressed automatic
It always stucks at the jessie-updates part and says that i will outcommend
it. I have to continue this task manuelly.

Is there a way to say pressed.cfg that it should not write the
jessie-updates source into /etc/apt/sources.list? Cause yesterday there was
a big newsletter with the fact that jessie-updates is not longer working.

Would be great if somebody can tell me how i can add this to my
preseed.cfg, so i have not longer to interact manuelly.

Thanks a lot!

There's a discussion about bringing updates back. Hopefully it happens soon
so preseed will work too
(I have also installed jessie for testing a few days ago, although without

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