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Re: https://ftp.de.debian.org doesn't work anymore

On 09/26/17 01:26, Andrey Gursky wrote:
> on this Monday I could not update Debian testing anymore, since
> connection to my preferred mirror fails with the following error:
> Err:34 https://ftp.de.debian.org/debian buster Release
>   SSL: certificate subject name (debian.inf.tu-dresden.de) does not
> match target host name 'ftp.de.debian.org'
> Indeed, the server has a new let's encrypt certificate. Should Debian or
> the mirror server fix this?

Neither of these two, but quite clearly YOU should fix your config.
The only service guaranteed to be available on ftp.CC.debian.org ist
If you want to use the machine that ftp.de currently points to (which
could change at any time!) with HTTPS, use debian.inf.tu-dresden.de.

> P.S. I'm not on the list, please add me in CC.

Well if you were on the list, _OR_ if you had read the list archives,
you would have seen this mail that explains where your problem comes from:

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