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Re: Re: HTTPS for Debian archive mirrors, and CAA

On Tue, 19 Sep 2017, Shanker Wang wrote:

> BTW, I've learned that you are now pointing ftp.<CC>.debian.org aliases at 
> different backends.

We have always done that.  Only it was usually done manually, and
noticing mirror issues could take days or weeks or months.  Now we're
in the process of automating it.

>                     Could you give a detailed information about that so that 
> the backends can be configured properly.

We will only point to backends that actually answer requests on the
hostname in question, and candidates need to be configured manually.

It's also not clear how/if we can utilize things that are behind magic
dns trickery, such as cdn.debian.or.jp or tuna.

>                                I guess configuring *.*.debian.org would work and
> I wonder if you have any guides about it.

We have no guidance about that.  Probably just answering all requests to
/debian/ regardless of host: header is the most flexible approach.

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