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Problem in registering my mirror site

Hello Dera

I have lunched  package  mirror and CD image mirror  site and when I want to register my site for  become official mirror  , this error returned
can any one help me   why this error return

English is not my first language , excuse me for mistakes
The following information was collected:

Submission-Type: update

Site: debian.hostiran.ir
Type: leaf
Archive-architecture: ALL amd64 arm64 armel armhf hurd-i386 i386 kfreebsd-amd64 kfreebsd-i386 mips mips64el mipsel powerpc ppc64el s390x
Archive-ftp: /debian/
Archive-http: /debian/
CDImage-ftp: /debian-cd/
CDImage-http: /debian-cd/

A proper project/trace directory was not found on the HTTP server (under /debian-cd/).

The trace directory needs to be fully synced from upstream, and need a local tracefile named after the site name.
Fetching http://debian.hostiran.ir/debian-cd/project/trace/cdimage.debian.org we received: 200 OK.
Fetching http://debian.hostiran.ir/debian-cd/project/trace/debian.hostiran.ir we received: 404 Not Found.

Please have a look at the documentation.

If you don't understand this error message, please contact us.

Entry not submitted!



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