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New ftpsync version 20160306

Hello mirror world,

not entirely a year, but nearly, to a new release, everybody welcome
ftpsync 20160306, right there, on your mirror, with the next push.

We will send seperate mails going into more detail of multiple of the
new features, they merit that, so here only a short overview to give you
a feeling what all changed:

- trace files changed format and include more data
- ftpsync tries to store the hierarchy using new _<foo> files
- arch_include support
- rsync over ssl support (this needs extra tools and a server that
  supports it)

The only change I'm describing a bit longer in this mail is the
"arch_include" support: Up to now we supported only to exclude
architectures, which meant work whenever the archive added a new one.
For people who only need a certain set, this was sub optimal. The new
ARCH_INCLUDE option is for those.

Have fun!

bye, Joerg
Trying is the first step towards failure.

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