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RE: Download redirector for debian-cd available

> On 13/10/15 06:05, Michael Meier wrote: 
> > The result I want to be realized is that a mirror which is connected 
> > to several networks (e.g. on a internet exchange point like
> > mirrors.n-ix.net) is preferred from the networks it is connected to 
> > when in that networks no own mirror exists.
> > Maybe there is another way to realize this.
> > The problem will be to hold this configuration up to date.
> While that may theoretically be a good idea, there are way too many ASs and
> exchange points. Manually configuring this is impossible, and I'm not sure 
> where you would get the data for automatically configuring this either.
> Relying on geographic proximity (as determined by GeoIP) is probably the
> best one can realistically do.

Perhaps, if the general concept was attractive and could be supported at all, the data of what ASes claim to be at what IXes is something that could be pulled from PeeringDB when they finish their v2 rewrite; it includes an API so might be easy enough to make an educated guess if an AS is present at an IX (and therefore likely to have an IX-run mirror nearby) - care would have to be taken with some of the larger access networks though that we don't end up with the situation where an IX connected mirror thousands of miles from the user is selected over a nearer one that is still likely to perform better even if it is only visible over transit.


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