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Re: Unable to complete sync using ftpsync : Sync step 2 went wrong

Oscar Ricardo Silva <osilva@utexas.edu> writes:

> Thank you for the suggestion but unfortunately, that didn't fix it. I 
> compiled rsync 3.1.1 (the latest) and ran ftpsync using that version but 
> still got the same error:
> rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (265158 bytes received so far) 
> [sender]

Could it be that some router near your end is not capable of passing all
data patterns?

I have certainly had it in that past (many years ago, admittedly) where a
Cisco router in a BT exchange had been left in a state where a
particular sequence of bytes would provoke it to go into a debugging
state, and that would then drop the packet containing that sequence, and
so kill the TCP stream.

I'd guess that if that were the case you'd be seeing other TCP failures,
but perhaps you're not noticing that because they're shorter-lived, and
automatically retried.

You could try using wireshark, tcpdump or whatever, to capture the
traffic from these sessions, and see what's going on when it fails.  If
the problem is with the data you're sending not getting through, you
will see the last packet being resent repeatedly, and can then focus on
what these last packets have in common.

Our fix at the time was to tunnel everything via a UDP VPN, and then
write a program that would provoke the problem in one packet and shout
at BT for a couple of months until they finally called in someone with a
clue ;-)

Cheers, Phil.
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