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[ANN] Changing the implementation of cdn.debian.net

Hi all,
I would like to share that I decided to change the implementation of cdn.debian.net. Then, some of the operations are changing. 
On this weekend, I have changed the way for providing cdn.debian.net from ruby implementation "dns-balance" to Amazon Web Services DNS service "Route53".

Top reason is security. DNS infrastructure is very important. Sometimes, "dns-balance" was attacked. Fortunately, it seems I can protect it by today. However, I am too busy to spend my time for paying attention to operate cdn.debian.net.

Deprecated feature: 
* ASN routing

New feature:
* State based geoip routing for US and Canada.
* More faster, reliable and robust. 

(Planned feature):
* AAAA support

If somebody has debian official mirror lists in JSON format, could you provide it and/or show the way for making.


ARAKI Yasuhiro 

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