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Re: retrieving Packages/Sources files from mirrors

On Sun, 3 Aug 2014, Johannes Schauer wrote:
The harder problem is to make sure that I obtain the Packages/Sources from all
arches for the exact same mirror push. My internet connection is not the
fastest, so downloading all Packages/Sources files will take a while. Is there
a way to make sure that I do not start the download when a mirror update is
imminent? Or the other way round: is there a way to know the time of a mirror
push so that I can download right after it is done?

Couldn't you pretend to be a push-mirror yourself?

Your upstream mirror would notify you after it's done syncing, but instead of you syncing everything from the upstream mirror, you would just get the Packages/Sources and do whatever it is you do with them.

If you get a new notification from your upstream mirror while you're still getting the Packages/Sources from the previous run, you know the mirror was updated while you were fetching files and the files therefore might not be from the same push. In that case you could get the files from snapshot instead.

Povl Ole

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