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Re: Re: ftp.us.debian.org problems

Did you run “apt-get update“ before trying to install this packages? Current version of gimp-data is 2.8.2-2+deb7u1 but you are trying to download a old version.

Christian Estelmann

On 14. Juni 2014 04:56:33 MESZ, Richard Kircher <rkircher@cfl.rr.com> wrote:
>Can't install gimp in Debian Wheezy 7.0 - 404  Not Found [IP: 
> 80]
>W: Failed to fetch 
>Same kind of problem with trying to install iceweasel and 
>chromium-browser.   My system is crippled with installing certain 
>programs.  Is there a work-around?
>Thanks, Dick

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