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Mirror Update for debian.md

Dear Debian-Team,

the mirror debian.md is being moved to our facility now. I tried to send an update via /mirror/submit but it failed. So I'm sending this to the list now.

Site: ftp.md.debian.org
Aliases: mirror.as43289.net

Packages archive, over HTTP: /debian/
Packages archive, over FTP: /debian/
Packages archive, over rsync: debian/

Security, over HTTP: /debian-security/
Security, over FTP: /debian-security/
Security, over rsync: debian-security/

Main mirror is updated from: ftp.de.debian.org

Frequency of mirroring: push-triggered (currently from ftp.ua.debian.org but shall be changed to ftp.de.debian.org)

Mirrored architectures: all

Name of site maintainer: Sven Wiese
Public e-mail of site maintainer: noc@trabia.net
Country of site: Moldova [MD]
Private e-mail of site maintainer: s.wiese@trabia.net
Location of site: Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Name of site sponsor: Trabia-Network
URL of site sponsor: www.trabia.net

We would like to support the community and submit the new mirror as a official mirror (ftp.md.debian.org).

The name of mirror changes from "debian.md" to "mirror.as43289.net". We'll keep the domain debian.md as a legacy alias online so users will not loose connectivity.

The DNS of the domain debian.md will be updated within 24 hours to point to the new server.

IP addresses are:

Currently we mirror the debian and debian-security archive. We do mirror all architectures.

Current Server Information:
- Intel Dual-Core E5400
- 4 GB RAM
- 2x2.0 TB HDD in RAID1
- 1 Gbps connectivity, IPv4 & IPv6

During spring we'll upgrade the mirroring server to hold all debian resources including backports, cdimages and old debian releases. The connectivity will be then 20 Gbps as it will house multiple distributions.

The server is housed in our own data center facility in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

We'll contact ftp.de.debian.org to setup push. Currently push to debian.md comes from ftp.us.debian.org but as I saw we receive greater speeds from the German mirror so we consider switching.

Even with push, shall we keep a cron to keep in sync if a push fails (gets lost)?


Sven Wiese

[t] +373 22 994-994; +852 8199-0344
[e] s.wiese@trabia.net
[i] www.trabia.net

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