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New debian & debian-cd Mirror, Spain (Madrid)

Good Simon et al,

We have setup a debian & debian-cd Mirror at mirror.trueinter.net/debian and mirror.trueinter.net/debian-cd. attending HTTP, FTP and RSYNC connections.

It´s been running for a few days, without issues, updating as expected from ftp.de.debian.org using ftp-sync & jigdo.

debian updates are performed 4 times a day (5:00, 11:00, 17:00 and 23:00 hours CET).  debian-cd update is performed once a day, at 1:00 CET.

Server is a VM with two 64 Bits CPUs, 2 GB RAM and 2 TB disk space, 1 Gbps port.


Roberto Saavedra - [ inAsset Networks ]

P : +34 683 422 390
F : +34 911 701 242

We deliver True Internet

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