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kindly add new mirror to list

I have tried to register a new mirror via web, however it fails with error "Unable to resolve the host you are mirroring from in DNS. Entry not submitted!"
Could you please help to add my mirror into the official list?

Submission-Type: new

Site: mirror.lnx.sk
Archive-architecture: amd64 i386
Archive-ftp: /debian/
Archive-http: /debian/
IPv6: no
Archive-upstream: halifax.rwth-aachen.de

Sync: daily

Comment: 1Gb/s up/down

Name of site maintainer: Samuel Steinhubel

Country of site: Slovakia [SK]

Location: Bratislava

Currently there is only wheezy (7) mirrored, I plan to add also jessie (8) in a short future. CD iso images are not mirrored.

What are the requirements for official mirror - do i have to mirror all versions + CD/DVDs from the beginning?


With regards

Samuel Steinhubel

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