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Several mirrors have incomplete /debian/dists/squeeze-updates/main/binary-i386/Packages.diff/

Dear mirroring system maintainers,

According to
this directory should contain specific files such as


However some of those files (including the example just mentioned) are
missing on many mirrors, including ftp.de.debian.org, ftp.nl.debian.org
and ftp.us.debian.org .

I see this for both binary-i386 and binary-amd64, so it seems like
something systematic.  This has been going on for some time.

Could someone with access check if these files are also missing on

If the files are also missing on master, I suspect that there is a
bug in the DAK scripts that maintain that directory.

If the files are present on master I suspect a bug in the default
mirroring scripts.

The widespread occurrence of this makes me almost certain that this
is not the fault of an individual mirror operator.


I spotted this while maintaining a private mirror for our internal
machines, my script checks the downloaded indexes for consistency
so the operational mirror will only hold valid files.


Jakob Bohm, CIO, Partner, WiseMo A/S.  http://www.wisemo.com
Transformervej 29, 2730 Herlev, Denmark.  Direct +45 31 13 16 10
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