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Bug#702122: mirrors: add debian-mirror.sakura.ne.jp to syncproxy leaf

Package: mirrors
Severity: normal
X-debbugs-CC: debian-mirrors@lists.debian.org, board@debian.or.jp


 Some of you may know, I've started debian-mirror.sakura.ne.jp.

 Now it is pushed-mirror under hanzubon.jp, and I think it's better to be pushed 
 from upstream syncproxy if we can.

 The reason is, sakura mirror and other mirrors pushed from hanzubon.jp is providing
 ftp.jp.debian.org. ftp.jp.d.o has some robustness mechanism that if primary one goes
 down or not sync some days and be obsolete, then DNS entry will switch to point 
 another mirror. However, if hanzubon.jp archive will stop or be corrupted, then 
 **all** of those mirrors are same state. If sakura mirror can get updated archives
 from syncproxy, ftp.jp.d.o get more robustness IMO.

 Could you consider to add sakura mirror as syncproxy leaf, please?


 Hideki Yamane     henrich @ debian.or.jp/org

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