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Re: connection issues to ftp.nz.debian.org


(CC'ing ftp.nz admins)

On Wed, Dec 26, 2012 at 12:31:44PM +1300, Hugh Davenport wrote:
> On two of my servers running with different ISP's I've noticed
> connection issues in the last few days to ftp.nz.debian.org.
> I can ping it, but can't connect via HTTP or FTP. This is both on my flat
> server (Snap) and my parents server (Slingshot). When I try from work,
> which is connected to the WIX, it works fine.
I don't reproduce this from France (Proxad), do you still experience this issue?
Could you tcptraceroute to ftp.nz.d.o with port 80 and 21 ?

Are you sure there is no local blocker like a firewall ?


Simon Paillard

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