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Re: apt vs. SSD computers

jidanni@jidanni.org wrote:
> Hmmm, DPkg::Options "--force-unsafe-io";
> does seem to help a little. But under closer inspection
> the big slow down happens during
> Get:10 http://...
> Get:11 http://...
> Get:12 http://...
> sometimes one can't even use the ed(1) editor in another window as the
> computer has become so slow for a minute or two.
> Wish nice(1) would help in such cases but it most definitely does not
> help at all.
> No, the computer does not slow one bit when downloading big .debs, so
> that isn't the problem.

I have an SSD machine and I have no difficulties.  I am not doing
anything special with it.  This doesn't read like your problems are
related to the use of the SSD in any way.  It seems to me like this is
some other different problem.

This type of behavior makes me think that your system is behind on
memory and swapping.  When the kernel is deep into memory thrash
swapping "nice" won't help.

Run 'vmstate' and look at the 'si' and 'so' (swap in / swap out) rate
columns.  A number of 0 or 1 is fairly normal.  But anything larger
than 1 would be an indication of swapping happening.

How much memory do you have and how much of it is used by userland?
Used by filesystem buffer cache?


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