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Re: ftp.br MD5Sum mismatch

jidanni@jidanni.org (jidanni@jidanni.org) wrote on 29 November 2012 12:50:
 >It seems you are saying that with the current mirror software, there is
 >a guaranteed (even just a) few seconds a day when this error will occur.


 >That means the software should be improved yet further to eliminate this
 >error completely!

The only way is to make sure the whole set of indices doesn't change
between fetches by apt. This means some complication in apt, the
repository and mirror scripts. Besides, what should be done if apt
finds that the mirror is updating? What does it tell the user? This
seems the worst part to me.

It's not clear that all this mess is preferable to just a small window
of incoherence.

 >I mean how do banks or any big company do things? How could there be
 >even a few seconds a day when this could happen.

Banks simply make the service unavailable in certain periods, at least
in Brazil.

 >So we found a weak point in the algorithm?

It's always been known. Note that this is different from the recent
problems in mirror scripts due to changes in apt and the repository.

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