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Re: RFC: new trace file field to declare updates to sync scripts

Raphael Geissert (geissert@debian.org) wrote on 2 July 2012 14:48:
 >For instance, the latest ftpsync would generate the following line:
 >Revision: i18n InRelease
 >There will soon be made other changes to ftpsync to make it more robust, and 
 >any non-ftpsync script that follows those changes would be better off 
 >declaring it. This new field would be the way to do it.
 >Using the augmented BNF as used in the HTTP spec, the new field could be:
 >Revision = "Revision:" *(revision-token)
 >revision-token = "InRelease" | "i18n" | "AUIP" | future-rev-token
 >future-rev-token = 1*future-rev-token-char
 >future-rev-token-char = ALPHA | DIGIT | "_" | "-" | "."

I prefer a single identification, so it'd be just
Revision = single string

A simple way is to use the ftpsync version. Otherwise the announcement
of a new ftpsync must declare the string identifier. I don't see what
an obfuscated string would add to the simple version.

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