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Re: [Debconf-discuss] cdn.debian.net pointing at .mit.edu mirror from DC12 connections


On Montag, 2. Juli 2012, Luca Capello wrote:
> Here at UCA, cdn.d.n is pointing at mirrors in:
> * but never the Debian mirror at UCA (which despite ping's error works
> fine via apt-get when on wired network)

that mirror is located at UNI, not UCA. (its on the other side of the street, 
but I'm not sure we dont have international-routing to there ;) 

> First question: as I asked previous DebConfs, would it be possible to
> point cdn.debian.net to the internal mirror ("todo va", I am not in a
> hurry)?

sounds like a good idea. I'd also support redirecting ftp*.debian.org to the 
internal mirror. (btw, on homer in /root/test there should be one and the is 
also a root-screen session running debmirror... feel free to set this up 
> Second question not related to DebConf12: is the current setup OK or it
> should be adjusted WRT the UCA mirror?

I was told in April/May that in the past that mirror was very unreliable, 
thats why noone was using it. 

Maybe this has changed, maybe not. I suggest to talk to locals about this 
first, before changing cdn.d.n.

thanks & cheers,

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