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Re: ftpsync test please

Joerg Jaspert (joerg@debian.org) wrote on 6 May 2012 17:18:
 >On 12837 March 1977, Carlos Carvalho wrote:
 >> Joerg Jaspert (joerg@ganneff.de) wrote on 1 May 2012 01:03:
 >>  >- We enhanced the trace files, to help http.debian.net along. They now
 >>  >  also include a list of the architectures that the mirror carries.
 >> What's the usefulness of this?
 >Easy to find out what exactly is supposed to be on a mirror.
 >> If it's really necessary I'd rather see
 >> a list of excluded archs, since the default for a mirror is to carry
 >> all of them. The excluded ones are easy to list from ARCH_EXCLUDE or
 >> similar.
 >That will change. Or rather, we will offer a changed default, in some
 >time not too far away. The plan is to switch from "mirror all, except
 >you excluded it" to "mirror only what you want". With a reasonable
 >default value set, for those admins who don't want to decide (ie. the
 >major architectures). (And a long time keeping compatibility code, so
 >both ways work).

OK, seems to be easy to do. Please specify the format of the list in
the trace file.

 >>  >And they show which Upstream mirror is used.
 >> This is not necessary. It can be deduced by the trace files in the
 >> directory. Further, it may not be easy to do because what's in the
 >> script variable is not always the upstream host name.
 >It can be decuded. Most of the times. Not always.

If all mirrors do the trace it can be deduced. If some don't this is
the real problem and we shouldn't bother those who do because of

 >And if its not the hostname thats actually used for the mirror in the
 >listing then either something is funny

Yes, there are odities.

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