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Request to add ftp.ch.debian.org to cdn.debian.net (was: Re: cdn.debian.net pointing at .nl mirror from .ch connections)

Hi Yasuhiro,

Axel Beckert wrote:
> > Here in Genève (Switzerland, Sunrise ADSL connection, IP,
> > cdn.d.n is pointing at a mirror in the Netherlands and not (at least) at
> > the official Debian mirror in Zürich:
> Yeah, I've not yet requested that ftp.ch.debian.org should be added to
> cdn.debian.net. I guess, I should. :-)

I've just checked ftp.ch.debian.org's Apache configuration. It seems
to have worked without the appropriate ServerAlias directive, but I've
added an appropriate ServerAlias directive in case the global
configuration of the server changes in the future.

So please add ftp.ch.debian.org aka debian.ethz.ch to the list of
hosts which support being used as cdn.debian.net to make
cdn.debian.net point to the Swiss mirror for users from Switzerland.

		Regards, Axel
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