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Re: Bug#636292: MD5Sum mismatch is due to multiple DNS queries!

By bigger mirrors you actually mean bigger country mirrors. Smaller
countries, the vast majority I presume, have no mirrors that can solely
handle the true traffic. I bet most mirrors shape their traffic in some
way or another (also a presumption).

It seems to me Debian has become too big to be distributed by a single
host mirror, ftp.xx.debian.org. It is a fact that most Debian users
choose the official mirror. No surprise; the name implies it's Debian
recommended, and there is no better recommendation. It's then only
natural users choose the official mirror and completely ignore and
disregard the rest. I contend the current mirror concept is greatly
hampering the distribution of Debian. If anything, we should move away
from the single host mirror concept. What that new solution could be is
difficult to tell; perhaps the Japanese geo mirror project should be
given a chance, meaning as long as single host ftp.xx.debian.org exist
no one is trying cdn.debian.org (another presumption, or perhaps
premonition) in a serious manner, perhaps only very knowledgeable Debian
users (who are a minority).


> Given the difficulties in getting mirrors to use correct scripts,
> which will never go away, and the apt not-safe-enough behavior of
> using different hosts, I propose that official *country* mirrors be
> single hosts, not round-robin's. The bigger mirrors can handle it for
> any country.
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