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Re: MD5Sum mismatch 29 Jul 2011

>>>>> "DB" == Dominik Bay <eimann@etherkiller.de> writes:
DB> netstat -ptnW|grep apt
OK, I'll do that next time.
DB> As net-tools are deprecated anyway, you can use lsof -i TCP:80|grep apt
OK, I'll do that next time.

>> Therefore I recommend there be a new flag in apt that I can turn on to
>> put those IP addresses right there in the same output that the W:
>> messages are in, so the next time the bug occurs I can send you a more
>> exact report. Thank you.

DB> Send a patch.

DB> And I don't see exactly where your problem is. Aren't you handling
DB> this error well enough?

I am just a simple user often encountering "MD5Sum mismatch"s and am
trying to help you fix it.

DB> Or can't you just workaround it by downloading it one more time?

Yes, that normally works. However it would be best if the bug were fixed.

DB> If you want to find the corrupt file, download it from each mirror in
DB> the rotation and check it manually. Should be faster than sending many
DB> complaints to a mailing-list.

I don't want to find any corrupt file. I don't want to know mirrors
internals. I don't even (intentionally) use any mirrors in my
sources.lists. I am not a mirrors person. I am a simple lowest level
(but still root) user, trying to give you enough information so you can
fix your algorithms in order to never ever expose the user to "MD5Sum
mismatch" errors again. Thank you.

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